Unconventional Branding for Magicians, Pioneers & Rebels
 What if one tiny shift could totally transform how you show up (and how you're received) at work and in your life? 
What if it's easier (and more fun) than you think to feel on top of the world?  

What if you've been over-thinking satisfaction and success and actually, to truly feel like you've 'made it' doesn't actually require ACHIEVING anything?

What if those good feelings you've been chasing through learning more, earning more, or proving more could simply arrive - without great effort or cost? 

What if success through 'being' (rather than doing) doesn't actually require meditation, yoga, any kind of profound practice or big time commitment?

What if carefully curating and decluttering your clothes could play a major role in your well being?

Feel Amazing just by Being More Yourself?
Imagine in just a few weeks feeling...
 The euphoric relief of being truly seen 
Great in your skin, without changing your body
Like everyone is complimenting you all the time
Like each day feels lighter & brighter (even in Winter)
Excited to show-up and be seen (in-person & online)
Sound good? Read On
 When it comes to helping people define & become what they deeply feel, but can't quite express, I am the expert’s expert. 
J.Nichole Smith
 Brand Architect, Author, Artist
Design & Colour Psychology Consultant 

I am an expert in Marketing,
the psychology of why we buy and the science of what actually makes us happy... with special expertise in Colour, Design & Animals.

I believe we all deserve a life of joy, freedom & meaning.

But sadly even when you have or achieve it all... for most people a lifestyle of ease and freedom doesn’t just show up on its own.

I don’t think it should be this hard for humans to feel content each day.

Which is why I’ve dedicated over 20 years to helping people create freedom & joy.

Through photography, design, writing, colour, events, Whyfinding™, promoting economic empowerment through entrepreneurship, mentorship (and even a tee shirt company)... I’ve spent a lifetime creating tangible and intangible connections between people & what matters most to them.

I have spent most of my career being a trusted brand & communications guide for startups, universities, top agencies, celebrities, million dollar coaches, billion dollar brands and everyone in between.

But in the last few years something really magical has happened... 

While helping businesses rebrand using my proprietary Colour Brand® method, I began to notice just how easily and profoundly individuals benefit from applying our style of personality-based colour psychology to their lives...
People took our personality-type method home & began to... 
Choose outfits, bedding, furniture, room designs & paint based on personality type & colour harmony.
Experience easy decision-making and discernment at shops - knowing instantly what is & is not for them.
Report that people at work and at home are reacting to them in more positive, receptive, enthusiastic ways.
Report delight & surprise at how something so small could have an impact so big in their day-to-day.
Report feeling excited about following their curiosity and re-igniting their creativity. 
 After much urging from our clients, we decided to create a beautiful journey of self-discovery to boost self-confidence and impact in people - using the same psychology-based system we've used for years to transform brands. 

And it's finally here... 
 Now you can be among the first to experience the psychology-led confidence journey we've crafted especially for people. For our people.

For You...

 Unconventional Makeovers
for High-Impact Women

 Discover a simple system to Colour Joy your life:  Find the colours that truly suit you and your home and instantly experience more energy, ease, joy, harmony, confidence & positive impact each day. 

We implemented Nic's colour suggestions and immediately saw a positive impact
"Although Nic's work with color is based in science, the impact is simply miraculous. We implemented Nic's colour guidance and changed our slides for keynote and virtual lectures and my wardrobe for stage and TV.

During in-person keynotes we immediately saw a positive impact in attention and engagement and we even had several people reach out to comment on how much they liked the slides. Nothing changed in the messaging, all we did was update the colors. Brilliant!"
- Dr. Romie Mushtaq, STARSHINE
Keynote Speaker  |  Founder brainSHIFT Institute
Colour Joy is a LIVE 8 week journey to boost your mood, confidence and positive impact.

This experience is deeply rooted in the psychology of human personality types, & harnessing the natural ways light and colour can be used to improve our well being.

Colour Joy is unlike any program you've ever experienced...

 This is not a program about doing, it's a journey of deep knowing & being
Finding Your Colours
and putting them to work to create change in your life
Our Goal:
   Create Colour Harmony 
The secret to achieving 'know, like & trust' as a person is the same as it is with brands.

It is not about choosing any one right word, fabric, cut or colour, it's about the holistic impact of each choice and how they're combined.

Getting this combination so right that it deeply impacts you and those around you in a positive way, is what we call...
As human beings we are constantly looking for harmony... when something is out of alignment we instantly know something is wrong."


Here's what most people don't know about colour...
 All people fall into 1 of 4 primary personality types. 
 All colours fall into 1 of 4 colour groups. 
Each personality type has a preference for one of the colour groups. 
Each colour in each group harmonizes only with the other colours in its group.
If you find your personality type, your colour group is revealed: you can then effortlessly mix & match colours from your group to create harmony (in your brand or closet).
Harmony is the Key

 Black & White work so well together because they are a harmonious pairing from the Starshine group.

While most of us wear these colours, in reality probably far less than 20% of people in the US, UK & Canada will actually look good in them. The same goes for Navy and grey.

Same goes for the colors we use in our home - are your walls white because you want them to be, or because you're just too nervous to try something else.

 What impact are the colours you're surrounding yourself with  actually having on your life and work ? 

Which Personality Type are You?

01. Sunshine

- Bright, bubbly, warm and social -

03. Fireside

-  Trustworthy, passionate & warm - 

02. Seaside

- Quiet, cool & collected - 

04. Starshine

- Sophisticated, powerful & sleek - 

Once you  know your Brand Personality Type... the rest falls into place...

I’ve already received more sign-ups!
"I’d been struggling to put into words the big WHY and PURPOSE behind what I do – which was making it really hard to really stand out. Now I feel a 100 times clearer on how to share my mission and since doing so (even from just one passionate post) I’ve already received more sign ups!

I feel like I’m talking about something bigger now, something more important that really connects with ‘my’ people without constantly needing to ‘sell’ to them."
- Ruth, Business Simplifier
What are the Magic Three?
Colour is the most fast and effective tool you've got to have a predictable emotional impact on most people... but do you know what impact your current colours are having?
The second-most powerful emotion-maker you've got is imagery. Are the photos and videos you're using on your website and social media turning people off or on?
Although not as fast as color or imagery (because honestly, who reads anymore?) your copy is still an effective tool to give people the feels. Are you leveraging its full potential?

Colour is THE MOST compelling tool you have to make people FEEL something FAST !

Who is it For?
If you answer yes to one or more of these criteria, you're probably a great fit for this program:
If you have an established business (not ideal if you're starting from scratch)
If you are due for a brand or website refresh
If you're in a new product development or packaging refresh stage - now is the time!
If you're looking for a boost of energy or need to motivation to do more marketing
If aren't sure where to focus and are very keen to only invest in what works
People make decisions within 90 seconds of their first impression & colour alone contributes up to 90 percent  otheir decision.
Get it 

 Everything you need to find your Brand Purpose, Personality and the right colors, images + words to present your brand in a way that you can be proud of, and that works! 

(using science & supported by live group coaching with me)

But be quick... 
Our next live Office Hours is September 1st
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 Plus 3 BIG Bonuses 

As a special bonus, anyone who joins before the live workshop will also receive these  THREE amazing bonuses  to help you implement your lovely new brand in three places online where your visual brand matters most: 


Learn how to implement your new colors + images on Instagram with Canva + Planoly


Learn how to leverage your new colors + images on Pinterest using Tailwind


Learn tips, tricks & short cuts to roll out your new colors + images on your Wordpress or Squarespace website!

Plus  get an entire YEAR  of monthly live group coaching calls + quarterly workshops with me!
Get me & my cutting-edge method for a FRACTION of the cost
Currently my custom branding packages start around $20,000

This is your chance to leverage my formula, and my support in a group setting at a small percentage of what it would cost to hire me and my team.

If you happen to be a founder or influencer - this is SUCH a great way to get the clarity you need before a rebrand.
The Countdown is On
Doors Close Jan. 3rd | Course begins Jan. 6th
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What is the Investment ?

Join Colour Joy with the flexible option which best meets your budget and needs. All options available pay-in-full or with a payment plan.

Want to give one as a gift or do the course with a friend / partner? Grab the 'buy-two'. Better still, the 'Buy 5' option is ideal for client or team gifting.

Just email us after your buy and we'll arrange getting your peeps enrolled.

- BUY ONE - 
x3 payments
$499 total
  SAVE $200  
- BUY TWO - 
x3 payments
$799 total
 SAVE $1000 !
x3 payments
$1499 total
Why Join Us ?
Get Your Mojo Back:
Isn't it time to prioritize an exciting upgrade to your personal style?

Learn to use Color Psychology to your advantage.
This is cutting-edge science that can significantly influence your ability to get noticed, be remembered, and impact how people perceive you.

With a refresh you'll be more excited to PROMOTE yourself / your business.
The confidence you'll gain will make it way easier and MORE FUN to show up and be visible at work.

Get clarity that will redefine your self-worth.
With new levels of understanding, come new levels of appreciation. The better you know yourself, the more self-acceptance and contentment you'll experience.

Boost your Winter Blues.
If you struggle with feeling a bit down or reclusive in the cold, dark winter months, this is a perfect way to get a little boost of sunshine & positive energy.

Lean into your Curiosity
If you've been too busy working to find any hobbies - this is the perfect excuse to dive into something new and fascinating that will excite and challenge you outside of work.

Work with the Best of the Best (for a bargain price).
If you're an entrepreneur looking to rebrand, but you're on a tight budget, this is a great place to start at a fraction of what it would cost you to hire me + my team of experts.

Our Schedule
Included in your investment are your 7 live zoom sessions over 8 weeks, 8 modules of tuition, including dozens of planning workbooks, how-to's and downloadable templates. PLUS share your milestones, get access to Nic and connect with your fellow Colour Joy explorers in a private Facebook group.

Instant Access:
  • Request to join the Facebook Group (we'll add you after Christmas)
  • Access the Calls schedule & links
  • Begin Module 1

Live Calls Jan- Feb 2023:
  • Every Friday Jan 6th-Feb 24th except Feb 10th.
  • 1 hr zoom sessions, from 4:30pm UK time
  • Replays provided

This Stuff Works.
But are your current colours & messaging working FOR or AGAINST you?
High Praise from Past Clients
"I can't recommend Nic enough. It was exactly the boost I needed to start building my brand."
- Elizabeth
"Nic helped me grow my brand and I couldn't be more proud of it. I never would have gotten where I am without her."
- Terran
"You will slice through your 'ifs' 'ands' or 'buts'... and have a shit-ton of OMG moments. You and your mission are worth it."
- Nat
"If you haven't done it, please do, it's the best. Nic's help is on-point!"
- Marla
Pure Gold!

The application of brand language to my brand colours was pure gold! I really recommend this if you've outgrown your business or have become unsure of your purpose, Nic gets to the bottom of it all!"

- Gemma, Business Coach
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