Unconventional Branding for Magicians, Pioneers & Rebels
  Are you sick of watching people with less experience, talent or integrity than you get given all the good stuff ? 
Right this very second

You are missing out on the clients, press, book deals, speaking gigs and opportunities that you deserve because:

1. No one knows you exist
2. When they do find you, you're not instantly wowing them

Stop blaming social media.
Your problem is deeper than that.

No one knows who you are, because YOU don't really know who you are...

or what you do...

or most importantly of all... why what you do matters!

how to convey it in your messaging

how to make us FEEL it instantly with your colours, imagery & design

How could you?

Not many people just have the natural instincts to know how to do this... and they don't teach it in business school or in any of those business courses you've been taking.

Everyone tells you that you need to 'build a brand' and 'find your why'... but no one really helps you do BOTH at the same time and meanwhile you're just trying to grow your business!

spoiler alert: the secret is to why your business isn't growing... you've got to get messy & build a brand and business AROUND your why - not to plop a brand and why on top!!

Stop Guessing.
Stop Procrasti-branding
Start Experiencing Real Momentum

What you need now is to start with the ONE THING that will give you the clarity, focus and exponential growth you're looking for...

Wanna know what it is?

Transform your business into a purpose-obsessed brand and soon, almost like magic...

+ Things that felt hard before will feel easy
+ People and opportunities will just come to you and
+ Entrepreneuring will suddenly feel a sh*t load more rewarding & fun!

"Companies have long been encouraged to build purpose into what they do. But usually it’s talked about as an add-on...

But as we worked with the high-growth companies in our study and beyond, we began to recognize that many of them had moved purpose from the periphery of their strategy to its core—where, with committed leadership and financial investment, they had used it to generate sustained profitable growth, stay relevant in a rapidly changing world, and deepen ties with their stakeholders."

Thomas W. Malnight, Ivy Buche and Charles Dhanaraj
Harvard Business Review 
Are you Ready
To finally have a brand you're proud of
That gets the results you've been dreaming of?
Truly Profound
"Using Nic's unique tool kit we were able to tune in and get to the exact essence of my business and my core message in no time at all. Now I also have a totally fantastic way to describe who I am and what I stand for.”
- Suzy, Quantum Transformation Coach
Then Read On
When it comes to Rebranding with Purpose, I am the expert’s expert.
J.Nichole Smith
Brand Architect, Author, Artist
Design & Colour Psychology Consultant
Founder, Colour Brand®

For nearly 20 years I have been a trusted Whyfinding™  and branding guide for startups, universities, top agencies, celebrities, million dollar coaches, billion dollar brands and everyone in between.

I believe we all deserve a life of freedom & fulfilment and as business owners we have a sacred duty to fund & champion that life for ourselves & others...

So I help freedom-seeking magicians, pioneers and rebels have more time and money to invest in making the world better - by helping them STOP wasting it on bad marketing and branding.

Through my propriety Colour Brand® process which leverages science (and a little bit of magic), I help bored business owners shift into purpose-obsessed brands who achieve tremendous leaps in growth, profitability and impact.
The bundle I'm about to share with you includes the exact strategies I use with my 1:1 clients, at a fraction of the price.
Colour Brand® Bundle
Everything you need to finally get noticed for all the right reasons: Find your Purpose & build a wildly profitable, ethical, sustainable brand around it.

If you're not satisfied with doing things the 'normal' way... If you're always in pursuit of something better, bolder, more beautiful or more effective...

This is For You.
 Unconventional Branding 
for Unconventional Business Owners
You do it differently, and so do we.
Unlike any branding process you have ever experienced, the Colour Brand® Method follows a scientific formula deeply rooted in the psychology of human personality types, sales, design & colour.
 Because your impact & results are too important to leave up to chance. 
"Thank you so much! I love how you were able to point out things that were RIGHT THERE that I just wasn't seeing. I am so excited to move forward now! I know Nic jokes that this is her superpower but goddam it really is!"
- Chantal, Pet Photographer
First, Purpose
Find your "Why" & make it central to all you do (and everything you say)
In this bundle you'll get "Find Your Magic" my signature self-paced Whyfinding™ workbook and video course to help you unearth your purpose, your brand pillars and your key brand messaging.
 This is the part most people skip, but don't. It will change everything. 
You can trust Nichole to help you find your 'Why' even if it’s eluded you for years!
"I’d read Simon Sinek’s book, watched videos, listened to podcasts and completed workbooks many times over the years to ‘Find my Why’… Yet I was still totally stuck. I felt like my business didn’t have a clear purpose and it weighed on me. Then in a matter of hours, Nichole made it crystal clear."
- Paige, Squarespace Expert
Next, Personality
Get clear and confident in who you are so you can stop trying to be or please everyone else.
The secret super power of a magnetic brand, is that they don't give a sh*t what other people think. Step out of the pleasing, performing energy and into your own lane - where you feel fully self-expressed, courageous and powerfully aligned.

In this bundle you'll use our Brand Personality Type and Archetype formulas to nail down who you are and how you show up, so you'll never have to second guess again.

BONUS: Once you know who YOU are, we also reveal everything you need to know about your ideal client too! 
I’ve already received more sign-ups!
"I’d been struggling to put into words the big WHY and PURPOSE behind what I do – which was making it really hard to really stand out. Now I feel a 100 times clearer on how to share my mission and since doing so (even from just one passionate post) I’ve already received more sign ups!

I feel like I’m talking about something bigger now, something more important that really connects with ‘my’ people without constantly needing to ‘sell’ to them."
- Ruth, Business Simplifier
Then, Presentation...
Once you've established your Purpose and Personality, you need to set about creating instant trust + credibility in your first impressions (especially online)

When you apply your purpose and personality and tweak your 3 most critical brand assets according to the rules of the Colour Brand® Method, you can effortlessly communicate with the RIGHT feelings consistently.

This clear, consistent & harmonious brand experience leads to more of the behavior you want to see (opt-ins, clicks, likes, shares & of course PURCHASES!)

What are the Magic Three?
Colour is the most fast and effective tool you've got to have a predictable emotional impact on most people... but do you know what impact your current colours are having?
The second-most powerful emotion-maker you've got is imagery. Are the photos and videos you're using on your website and social media turning people off or on?
Although not as fast as color or imagery (because honestly, who reads anymore?) your copy is still an effective tool to give people the feels. Are you leveraging its full potential?

Colour is THE MOST compelling tool you have to make people FEEL something FAST !

People make decisions within 90 seconds of their first impression of a product, & colour alone contributes up to 90 percent of the information that forms the decision.
How Do I get the Right Colours? 


More specifically, the beautiful intersection of:

Colour Psychology (how colours impact human behavior) &
Colour Physics (how light & colour work)

When combined, this magic geekery is called:

Applied Colour Psychology
We now have an ACTUAL SCIENTIFIC FORMULA for what brand colours you should use (and how) to achieve the results you desire.

Instead of simply relying on the (wildly variable) instincts of a designer, you can discover your exact BRAND PERSONALITY TYPE and the HARMONIOUS COLOUR GROUP that goes with it.

Which Brand Personality Type are You?


- Sophisticated, powerful & sleek - 


- Bright, bubbly, warm and social - 


- Quiet, cool & collected - 


-  Trustworthy, passionate & warm - 

Once you  know your Brand Personality Type... the rest falls into place...

Get it all in the Colour Brand® Bundle

 Everything you need to find your Brand Purpose, Personality and the right colors, images + words to present your brand in a way that you can be proud of, and that works! 

(using science & supported by live group coaching with me)

But be quick... 
Our next live Creative Edit Call is Jan. 6th
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 Plus 3 BIG Bonuses 

As a special bonus, anyone who joins before the live workshop will also receive these  THREE amazing bonuses  to help you implement your lovely new brand in three places online where your visual brand matters most: 


Learn how to implement your new colors + images on Instagram with Canva + Planoly


Learn how to leverage your new colors + images on Pinterest using Tailwind


Learn tips, tricks & short cuts to roll out your new colors + images on your Wordpress or Squarespace website!

Plus  get an entire YEAR  of monthly live group coaching calls + quarterly workshops with me!
Inside You'll Find & Leverage
1 Year of Group Coaching + Peer Support
  • Private FB Group
  • Monthly Group Coaching in FB
  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls
  • Quarterly 2 hr Workshops
Define Your Brand Personality

  • Discover your Brand Personality Type
  • Discover and apply your Brand Archetype(s)
  • Discover the specific ideas and 'trigger words' to use throughout your marketing to increase conversions
Self-Paced Whyfinding™ Experience

  • Find Your 'Why' & Brand Pillars
  • Easy 'mad lib' style Brand Statement
  • Craft a compelling 'Origin Story'
Complete Quick Visual Rebrand Kit

  • Step-by-Step process to apply Brand Personality Type into a visual rebrand
  • Find your Psychology-based Colours
  • Discover which fonts & other design elements are right for you
Divider Text
  • Your Brand Purpose or 'big why'
  • Your Brand Pillars
  • Your Brand's Personality Type
  • Your Brand's Archetype(s)
  • Your Brand's most effective psychology-based colour palette
  • Ideal fonts for your Brand Personality type (google fonts provided)
  • Brand imagery that will hit your people in all the right feels
  • Your key brand messaging to attract the right people including your Brand Statement ( that quick elevator pitch style intro) AND 'Trigger Words" to use throughout your marketing for higher conversion rates
  • Incredible scientifically-informed consistency across your channels
  • Learn to use Canva to create graphics with your new assets 
  • Learn how to get your message out on Pinterest w/ Tailwind 
  • Learn how to get your message out on Instagram w/ Planoly
  • Learn tips, tricks & shortcuts for Wordpress websites
  • Learn tips, tricks & shortcuts for Squarespace websites 
  • Get support from Nic to answer your brand, color, imagery & copy Q's
Here's what most brands don't know... (that you now do!)
The Secret to Success
Achieving instant 'know, like & trust' on your website and in your communications does not just come from choosing the right colour or word

The secret is to create total HARMONY

Starting from your Brand Purpose all the way through to your Brand colours, supported by imagery and words that reflect the same conscious and sub-conscious messages throughout.

This is nearly impossible without understanding at least the basics of colour psychology!

As human beings we are constantly looking for harmony... when something is out of alignment we instantly know something is wrong.

If your branding is giving mixed messages it could be costing you the sale.


Harmony = Money

If you've been looking for the shortcut to improve your results this is it.

 It's also FUN and FASCINATING!
Nichole is a unique thought leader...
Nichole is a unique thought leader who can bridge traditional strategies with innovative thinking - she is a tremendous asset to any organization, and I can say with confidence that hiring Nichole is one of the best decisions we have made.
- Will, Founder, P.L.A.Y
Who is it For?
If you answer yes to one or more of these criteria, you're probably a great fit for this program:
If you have an established business (not ideal if you're starting from scratch)
If you are due for a brand or website refresh
If you're in a new product development or packaging refresh stage - now is the time!
If you're looking for a boost of energy or need to motivation to do more marketing
If aren't sure where to focus and are very keen to only invest in what works
What is the Investment ?

You decide: payment plan or pay-in-full DIY - or  - get Nic to analyze your brand, goals, personality, products / services, pricing, and Whyfinding™ - then she will create a Colour Brand for you: Including quick logo revision, colour palette, archetypes, personality type, purpose profile, fonts, stock photos and key brand messaging for you!!

Either way you get a whole year of twice monthly coaching + quarterly workshops to work through your Why and implement your rebrand alongside an intimate community of visionaries who are on the same path, plus of course Nic's expert genius and guidance at your fingertips...

$399 x 6

Save $399

 Plus 3 BIG Bonuses 

As a special bonus, anyone who joins before the live workshop will also receive these  THREE amazing bonuses  to help you implement your lovely new brand in three places online where your visual brand matters most: 


Learn how to implement your new colors + images on Instagram with Canva + Planoly


Learn how to leverage your new colors + images on Pinterest using Tailwind


Learn tips, tricks & short cuts to roll out your new colors + images on your Wordpress or Squarespace website!

But be quick... 
Our next live Creative Edit Call is Jan 6th
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Our Schedule
Included in your investment in the bundle, is an entire YEAR of monthly group coaching and live support from me, PLUS 2 hr. Quarterly Workshops to challenge and inspire you.

Once you join you'll get INSTANT ACCESS to the '2022 Mastermind' which includes the links and dates for our calls, coaching and workshops.

Instant Access:
  • Join the Facebook Group
  • Access the Calls + Workshops schedule & links
  • Take the Quiz to find your Brand Personality Type
  • The entire Colour Brand® bundle 

Live Coaching Moving forward:

Office Hours - first Friday of each month (on Facebook)
Creative Hours - Mid-month (on zoom)
Workshops - Quarterly (on zoom )

This Stuff Works.
But are your current colours & messaging working FOR or AGAINST you?
We implemented Nic's branding suggestions and immediately saw a positive impact
Working with Nic left me with my mindset shifted into a place of personal power, and a brilliant branding statement that represented my mission, leadership style and personality. We implemented her branding suggestions and immediately saw a positive impact in my workplace wellness business."
- Romie, Brain Doctor | Keynote Speaker
Why Join Us ?
  • Fall back in LOVE with your business.
    Your customers aren't the only ones who will get an emotional benefit from the harmony & alignment you create!

  • Learn how to use Color Psychology to your advantage.
    This is cutting-edge science that even some of the biggest brands in the world don't know about - now you'll have a HUGE edge on your competition

  • With a refresh you'll be more excited to PROMOTE your business.
    This makes any marketing you do MUCH easier and MORE FUN - if you've been AVOIDING the marketing in your biz - this will fix it!

  • Get the clarity around who buys from you and why.
    With the new emotional profile you'll get for your brand and your ideal customer, you'll be able to connect and convert like never before

  • Jumpstart your Sales.
    What we're looking at isn't just pretty and fun - it's THE MOST effective tools you have to get MORE LEADS and MORE SALES with LESS EFFORT and less cost.

  • Lean into your Passion.
    If you've been too busy working IN your business to work ON it - this is the perfect excuse to dive into the parts of your brand and business you might not have allowed yourself to go.... and with HUGE rewards!

  • Work with the Best of the Best (for a bargain price).
    For a fraction of what it would cost you to hire me + my team of experts to do a full custom rebrand, you'll get access to my best strategies, formulas, courses - and of course live group coaching with ME!! 

How great will it feel to FINALLY KNOW you're spending your time & money on the RIGHT STUFF?

High Praise from Past Clients
"I can't recommend Nic enough. It was exactly the boost I needed to start building my brand."
- Elizabeth
"Nic helped me grow my brand and I couldn't be more proud of it. I never would have gotten where I am without her."
- Terran
"You will slice through your 'ifs' 'ands' or 'buts'... and have a shit-ton of OMG moments. You and your mission are worth it."
- Nat
"If you haven't done it, please do, it's the best. Nic's help is on-point!"
- Marla
Get me & my cutting-edge method for a FRACTION of the cost
Currently my custom branding packages start around $20,000

This is your chance to leverage my formula, and my support in a group setting at a small percentage of what it would cost to have me and my team create a brand for you.

If you're a solopreneur or you have your own in-house or contractor team to support you - this is SUCH a great way to rebrand with tremendous ease, confidence and without all the guessing!
Your Investment

Now you just need to decide: payment plan or pay-in-full?
OR if you've already purchased most of what is in the bundle, you can buy access to just the group, workshops and coaching for 1 year.

$399 x 6 
Save $399
Pure Gold!

The application of brand language to my brand colours was pure gold! I really recommend this if you've outgrown your business or have become unsure of your purpose, Nic gets to the bottom of it all!"

- Gemma, Business Coach
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