Plans are boring & static.

Let’s get your ideas out in the wild and go on a Strategy Safari instead!

Make More Money with More Ease in 2020
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2020 Strategy Safari

Get help creating and implementing your 2020 strategy 

Watch your productivity, revenue & confidence SOAR as you learn, practice and master the ability to make More money with MORE ease.

All with step-by-step guidance PLUS live monthly coaching calls for support and accountability.

The Truth About Planning
  1. Strategy is not a static (plan) , it's dynamic and ever-evolving
  2. Strategy is not about perfection or predicting the future
  3. For a strategy to have a chance it needs to be embedded in the very fabric of your biz
  4. For strategy be embedded - it needs to be simple and clear 
  5. Measurement & Accountability are the keys to successful implementation
  6. Planning costs and revenue are different beasts: costs can mostly be controlled by the business, but revenue is largely up to the customer - so the CUSTOMER must be at the heart of your strategy IF you want to earn more money with more ease in 2020
The 4-Part Solution

The simple solution to combat these 6 planning truths is to ditch the complex plans and perfectionism, and simply put you (your passion + core competencies) + your customer (their feelings & needs) at the center of your strategy. Here is the formula to make that easy:

The 4 Essential Elements

1. Why : Your passion +core competencies

2. Who : Who do you do it for

3. What : What do you sell

4. Where : Where do you sell it

Once you've got a strategy, you must do the work.
The 5 Ways The Work Happens

On your journey to bring your strategy to life, there are 5 universal laws that will govern your success. Learning, managing and mastering the 5 laws - starting with key decisions for each - will ensure that you can 'entrepreneur' effectively as you implement your strategy.

The 5 Laws of Entrepreneurship

  1. Mindset
  2. Money
  3. Marketing
  4. Mechanics
  5. Momentum
Get help creating the strategy, AND doing the work!

So many courses and planners just give you an outline of days, months, holidays and ideas and then leave you to try to make sense out of it all - not to mention - make them all work in the daily grind of being an entrepreneur.


I believe the key to actually creating the real change and transformation in your business that you're hungry for, is to:

  • Start with the 4 Essential Elements ( to get DEEPLY clear)
  • To understand the 5 Laws (to implement effectively) and
  • Most importantly, to get accountability along the way

So you have both a bit of hand-holding and a bit of butt-kicking to make sure you DO THE WORK!

We all need help, that's just how it is. The sooner you get the sort of help that will be a good fit for YOU to show up and shine, the better.

You wouldn't go out on Safari unprepared and without a guide, why step out into the wilds of 2020 without support?

Your Safari Support
We are here to help ensure your 2020 adventure is exciting but safe, mind-blowing and life-changing in all the BEST possible ways 
Your Guide: No one likes it, but it IS a fact that we all need help. I'd be willing to bet that if you're not where you want to be in your life + business, you've spent a LOT of time DIY'ing and trying to do it ALL on your own. This year, let me be your guide!
Your Pack: You need some essential supplies: a sanity system to keep your head on straight, a place and process to keep things organized and for heaven sakes some support staff. We can help you make sure you're packed and prepared for 2020!
Your Mental Game: You either win, or you learn. Everything you do in business provides you with data about what does and doesn't work so you can improve. But if the going gets tough, we'll be there to encourage you to just take that next step!
Your Fast Pass: The good stuff in life takes time, but you can usually pay to fast-track your results. Want to get there faster? It's not free, but you CAN invest smart: spend on stuff that saves you time and energy while helping you earn more. This is that thing!
The Laws of the Land: How are the foundations of your business looking? Chances are you need to start THERE before planning your epic strategy. You need to understand the the land and its laws (and probably get some protection) before you'd go venturing out into the Savannah at night! Start simple, get fancy later!
Your Map & Field Guide: When you're out on the trail you need a simple, easy way to keep your route clear and in front of you. Our 2020 Planner is the perfect tool to make sure you stay on track, you find your way back to camp, and you know all about the amazing sites you'll see along the way (as well as how to handle the dangers and obstacles that might present themselves). Don't go into the wild without a field guide!
What's Inside the Planner?

This planner is gorgeous, but it's not meant to be kept in a box, it's meant to be USED and ABUSED! Draw on it, write in it, tab it up with post-its... it's ready to rock you through your entire 2020 safari!

Inside you'll find:

  • 200 pages of worksheets, brainstorming prompts, formulas for success, cheat sheets, goal trackers, planning guides, calendars, checklists & places to track your data.

  • For each month AND each quarter in 2020 you'll find several pages of planning, goal-tracking, review worksheets to record key metrics, and notes to customize as you choose.

  • An entire '2019 in review' section to document your learning and feelings from this year PLUS a whole section for planning and brainstorming BEFORE you commit to your goals and objectives for 2020.

  • A year of planning and guidance based around the 5 Laws of Entrepreneurship: Mindset, Money, Marketing, Mechanics and Momentum AND the 4 Essential Elements: Why, Who, What, Where

  • Nic's signature system for Content Batching (two months of marketing in just hrs.)

  • The Power of One pledge, to help you focus on the JUST the stuff that matters to fast-track your momentum

  • Tons of secrets, tips, tools and benchmarks inside the Video Walk-through of the planner.

  • PLUS TONS of magic baked in there's a place for a year-spread and monthly tarot or oracle card reading(s) -chakra, mindset and modality suggestions for increased momentum and much, much more...
Join the Strategy Safari and we will ship you a 2020 Magic Maker Planner for FREE
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"Whoa dude! I just got my  planner and it's AMAZING! I feel like calling it a "planner" hardly does it justice, since all the "planners" I've bought in the past are just empty calendars, haha! Thanks for this gem Nichole!!" - Allison

 * * * 

"Really helpful course with tons of support! I made so much progress on my brand and my business!" - Ali

 * * * 

Just got my planner and wow such a thoughtful approach! Thanks so much for this Nichole -- several of the prompts made me think, "Oooh...I need to think about that!" - Lorien

 * * * 

" Talk about convenient! I had scheduled today to get my butt in gear and get a marketing calendar type thing organised! Thanks for saving me 10+ hours of googling and distractions" - Bec

A Message from Nic
I created these resources for you, because I know a great brand starts with a great business... and a great brand can lead to incredible opportunities for you. I am dedicated to holding space for entrepreneurs who want to learn, thrive and change the world while ALSO cultivating more of our own personal understanding, freedom and fulfilment. Together we can do good, be real, find happy and build brands that matter. We can have it all!

xx - Nic
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